I. Theme 1, Recommendation 4B – Establish a Provost’s committee of students, faculty, and administrators to examine existing academic regulations.

Chair – Steve Reznick

Members – Rob Bruce, Chris Derickson, Sue Estroff, Lily Roberts, Paige Owens, Josmell Perez, Valerie Pruvost, Ryan Thornburg, Marilyn Wyrick

III. Theme 2, Recommendation 10 – Create a pilot Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Chair – Linda Beeber

Members – Ronald Strauss, Marc Cohen, Rachel Myrick

IV. Theme 1, Recommendation 1B – Pilot innovative lecture courses

Chair – Lawrence Band

Members – Ronald Strauss, Terry Rhodes, Rob Bruce, Rachel Myrick, Katherine Shor

VI. Theme 4 – Equity & Inclusion

Chair – Rumay Alexander

Members – Alice Ammerman, Sue Estroff, Melinda Manning, Terry Rhodes, Taffye Benson Clayton, Steve Farmer


Chair -TBD

Members – Alice Ammerman, Geoffrey Sayre – McCord, Courtney Mitchell, Kimberly Eke, Natalie Vizuete