The foundation for the 2011 Academic Plan is rooted in the very first plan which was conceptualized in 1996 by then-Chancellor Michael Hooker. Published in 2003, a number of lasting innovations and campus structures were accomplished as a result of that document including:

  • The revamping of the General Education curriculum
  • Expansion of the Honors Program and creation of the First Year Seminar program
  • The Carolina Covenant Scholars program
  • The Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Inclusion of the Faculty Engaged Scholars and undergraduate Public Service Scholars groups into community projects
  • An increase in the global reach of the University, as well as the composition of the student and faculty population

Since that time, many would describe the situation facing UNC as challenging in light of rising yearly tuition rates, a University budget that has been slashed by cuts, and other reductions in funding to name a few. These changes have reverberated across the campus, essentially forcing everyone to “get by with less.”

In the spring of 2010, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Bruce Carney began assembling a Steering Committee of faculty, staff, students, and administrators to draft an Academic Plan that would build on the successes of 2003 while also taking into account the challenges and current climate of the University. The group responsible for compiling what would become the 2011 Academic Plan consisted of the following individuals:

  • William Andrews, Co-Chair, Senior Associate Dean, Fine Arts and Humanities and E. Maynard Adams Professor, English and Comparative Literature
  • Sue Estroff, Co-Chair, Professor, Social Medicine
  • Lawrence Band, Voit Gilmore Distinguished Professor, Geography
  • Holly Boardman, Co-Chair, Academic Affairs Committee of Student Government
  • Jane Brown, James L. Knight Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication (through 6/30/2011)
  • Regina Carelli, Stephen B. Baxter Distinguished Professor and Associate Department Chair, Psychology
  • McKay Coble, Chair of the Faculty and Professor, Dramatic Art
  • Lloyd Edwards, Associate Professor, Biostatistics
  • Stephen Farmer, Associate Provost and Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Maryann Feldman, S.K. Heninger Distinguished Professor, Public Policy
  • Keith Lee, President, Graduate and Professional Student Federation and doctoral student, Computer Science
  • Melinda Manning, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Rick Mumford, Clinical Associate Professor, Dental Ecology, Dentistry
  • Warren Newton, William B. Aycock Distinguished Professor and Chair, Family Medicine
  • Lou Perez, J. Carlyle Sitterson Professor, History and Director, Institute of the Americas
  • Shruti Shah, Chair, Chancellor’s Student Innovation team
  • Ronald Strauss, Executive Associate Provost and Dental Friends Distinguished Professor, Dentistry
  • David Bevevino, Staff Assistant to the Committee, Class of 2010

Throughout the Summer and Fall of 2010, various groups of interested parties from around the University met with the first Steering Committee to discuss issues and share their thoughts about what they felt merited inclusion into the finished Academic Plan document. Chancellor Holden Thorp even submitted a call of his own to the campus to submit ideas for the Academic Plan in the following YouTube video clip, further highlighting the urgency of an endeavor such as this:


After numerous rounds of edits and deliberation, Reach Carolina, the 2011 UNC Academic Plan was completed and published during the Spring of 2011. Since that time, efforts toward implementing this strategic document have been spearheaded by Alice Ammerman (Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention) and Regina Carelli (Psychology) and have been underway since the latter half of 2011. For more information on the Steering Committee tasked with implementation of this plan, please click on the following link: